Engine Degreaser is a Ready to Spray – RTS – aggressive cleaner for engine compartments and heavy equipment degreasing applications.  It quickly cuts through heavy oil, grease, and grime. Degreaser fast acting formula is a spray on/rinse off easy to use Degreaser that requires little to no dwell time.  Mild agitation can be used with a pressure washer for best results. 


Degreaser breaks down the heavy accumulations of grease, oil and dirt on engines and underbodies of heavy equipment, farm machinery, and industrial equipment and does not break down rubber hoses or plastic parts.  

• (RTS) aggressive formula to cut through oil and grease

• Doesn’t harm rubber or plastic hoses

• Fast acting formula

• For use on engine bay, farm machines, and Industrial equipment


Use appropriate PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. Soak thoroughly with Product. Allow to soak. Agitate with brush or pressure washer if necessary. Rinse away. Repeat as necessary.