Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner is an acid based cleaner specifically formulated to clean inorganic soil like brake dust build-up, for heavy caked on grime, use mild agitation with a scrub brush.  It’s Ready to Spray – RTS - formulation requires little to no dwell time and easily rinses away.  Do not allow to dry. For this application, apply generously to cool wheels, rinse thoroughly with water without allowing to dry.


It is easy to use in this formulation. It is safe to use on all OEM wheels and cleans brake dust effectively. Mild agitation may be required for heavy build up.

• Economically viable option to concentrated wheel cleaners.

• Rinses Film Free

• No dilution required

• Specifically designed to remove brake dust from wheels

• Safe on OEM wheels

• Spray-on rinse-off formula


Apply generously to cool wheels using a high-quality spray bottle. Before allowing to dry, rinse well. Requires little dwell time. For Heavily soiled Wheels mild agitation is required. On wheels where substrate or clear coat integrity is questionable, or non-factory wheels, test on a small inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility. DO NOT USE ON GLASS. Use approved PPE safety equipment for acid cleaners. Will etch eye glasses.