Final Wipe

Final Detail Wipe is a Ready-to-Spray product that will remove light dirt, dust, and smudges for use on chrome, glass and painted surfaces. Use in between washes to maintain water shedding and slip properties or in combination with a clay bar to remove surface debris.

It is an excellent product for vehicles kept in the garage to maintain a slick finish while removing dust, smudges, and fingerprints.


• Works without water on a variety of surfaces

• Excellent showroom maintenance


Spray a light layer of mist on a small section of the vehicle and spread evenly using a folded clean microfiber towel. After wiping, refold towel to wipe to a high luster. The product can also be applied to a clean, wet vehicle prior to drying for a spot-free high luster finish. Final Wipe can also work well as a lubricant of clay.